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Custom Wedding Ceremonies and Officiant

The educated and heartfelt choice.

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Start your married life with a beautiful wedding ceremony
 designed for you and presented with joy.
Reverend Jennifer Miller offers you a special opportunity
 to make an educated and heartfelt choice
 regarding your wedding ceremony and vows.
 Your love deserves to be honored with the perfect expression of your union.
She will personally create a ceremony that is exactly right for you.
 You will receive the attention you deserve
to make the wedding day of your dreams come true!
Experience a wedding ceremony that you will remember
 and treasure for the rest of your life.
Unveil a personal expression of your love
through a custom wedding ceremony.



Wedding ceremonies are performed at the location of your choice.
Call 414-232-7997 to reserve your date.
Special Rates
on Couples Skill Building Classes
 now offered.




Reverend Jennifer Miller PhD