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Reverend Jennifer Miller, PhD, is an experienced officiant with doctorates in both Psychology and Theology. Her deep understanding of marriage and family psychology allows her to connect with couples on a personal level, creating ceremonies that resonate with their unique desires. She is well-versed in diverse religions, ideologies, practices, and traditions, as well as interfaith, non-religious, and civil unions. An ordained clergy member, not an online officiant, she has been a respected Wisconsin pastor and officiant for over 20 years, having married more than 1,400 couples. Despite her extensive experience, she approaches each ceremony with fresh excitement, knowing that every couple’s story is unique and precious.

Reverend Miller embraces couples from all backgrounds, guided by love and acceptance. Her goal is to honor each couple's preferences while sharing her wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise. She is a captivating public speaker, weaving words in a way that makes each ceremony memorable for all who attend.

Happily married for over 20 years, she believes in true love and works seamlessly with blended families or those with children. She values diverse family structures just as much as traditional ones and cherishes couples who found love at any age. Every ceremony reflects her sincere commitment to making it perfect for the couple.

If you seek an officiant with the flexibility, intelligence, and sincerity to honor your relationship in the most meaningful way, look no further. Connect with Reverend Jennifer Miller and watch your ceremony become a brilliant success!


Your happily ever after is about to start and you want every detail of your wedding ceremony handled with love and expertise. That's what Reverend Jennifer Miller PhD offers. 

You get the full service experience of planning and performance. Nothing can be more important than starting your union with the perfect ceremony, a celebration of your love and commitment to each other.

Reverend Miller believes in love. The joy she has when performing wedding ceremonies exudes from her. Each word is chosen with you in mind and shared with the happiness of the moment and that faith in true love. Its more than just a ceremony. It's celebrating a love to last a lifetime together!


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